Big G Auto Repair provides Diagnostics for your current Hybrid and Fully Electric Vehicle.  Also, if you are considering buying a used Hybrid Vehicle, we can do battery diagnostic and evaluate the over all wellness of the vehicle before your purchasing commitment.  Although we can’t determine the future, we can see the current condition and needs for repair.

The testing equipment/computer communicates to the vehicle system module, which allows it to read the battery cell/block sensors while under the stress of accelerating and decelerating.



Big G Auto Repair will evaluate your Hybrid/Electric Battery functionality:

  • Check the battery pack state of health in terms of conductance, which is related to battery capacity.
  • Quickly determine whether battery pack is getting weak.
  • Read and reset diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Perform simple functions quickly without having to monopolize their other complete diagnostic systems.

Big G Auto Repair Offers a Complimentary Battery Health Diagnosis!

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