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Hybrids and Temperature

Hybrid Battery and Temperatures

Hybrid Vehicle Owners and combustion engine owners, believe cold weather is the bad guy for battery failure. However, all types of batteries are damaged by heat and hot weather, with hybrid batteries being especially sensitive to heat of different regions of the USA. Don’t rule out extreme cold conditions either. The cold can be just as effective in sapping battery life as well. Each battery type has an optimal operating temperature range at which they discharge, recharge/regenerate in the hybrid capture systems.

Hybrid Battery

Mileage and Performance

Optimal battery operation temperature ranges provide the best performance. With extreme heat and cold a 45 – 50 mpg hybrid vehicle can easily be reduced to a 30 to 35 mpg vehicle under these conditions. So keep an eye on your battery discharge/recharge screens in these types of conditions. If your main battery drops below a certain threshold, your vehicle may not start or engage. If you see this condition happening, start the vehicle up and drive a short distance/amount of time and get it back up above the threshold during these extreme conditions.

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