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Are All Mechanics The Same?

Not.  Mechanics and Repair Shops are not created equal.  With the amount of new and old cars that have been produced, no mechanic or shop can possibly work on every make and model vehicle out on the street.  Find a shop or mechanic in advance of committing to taking your vehicle in for repairs.  Look at it like your hiring an employee for your business or hiring a contractor to work at your home.  Ask a lot of questions.  One, are they familiar with your vehicle?  How many years have they been in business? Are they insured? Ask for references. Usually your best mechanics or shops are referrals from happy customers.


Well trust comes with time and consistent effort and results.  Finding a good mechanic or shop can be a time consuming ordeal.  There are many facets to trusting your mechanic or shop.   First of all the work performed and fixing the issue is key.  Then look past that into the customer service and how your overall experience is, while mixing in your relationship directly with the service person or business.

Final component is the cost or price of that service.  Most people today look at price as the priority.  When really you should focus on safety and quality of the work done on your vehicle. Sometimes cheap in these situations is not the best for you and your vehicle.  Find a happy balance and one that works for you, your vehicle and your pocketbook.  Look at the 3 M’s of business when doing business. When all 3 are in alignment, usually it is a good deal for everyone.  Me, I was treated right and I am happy, Merchandise,  good product or service done and handled correctly.  Money, price or cost was in-line and with-in reason.  All 3 areas come together for a successful transaction.  You then have a good mechanic or shop relationship.  Keep’em!

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