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Popular Hybrid Cars Today

Most car manufacturers have some sort of hybrid vehicle in their product line. The car industry is ramping up the technology for battery and hydrogen powered car for the next decade.  2020 to 2030 will be very interesting years for the automotive industry as a whole.  Add self-driving vehicles into the mix, along with battery power and you have a total disruption of the car industry.

Most Popular Manufacturer

Toyota/Lexus leads the way for the most gas/battery combo hybrids on the market.   Starting with the lower end market and moving right up through the Lexus LS flagship product, Toyota leads the automotive industry with the most products in the hybrid line.

Gas and Battery Systems

The popular Prius is a very reliable and stable platform for the hybrid market.  With the ability to save gas and switch to battery power in unique situations while driving makes this a very popular car for a daily driver and running errands all over town.

Some hybrids plug-in to household electricity and others self charge while driving the vehicle and also, when letting off the accelerator, the cars energy back charges the battery pack.

Most hybrids have systems in place to see the data and monitor the results through a built-in screen on the dashboard and or instrument cluster.


Other Manufacturers

Other popular hybrids are also available by Nissan, Tesla and Chevrolet.  Nissan offers the Leaf, which is 100 percent electric.  Tesla also offers 100 percent electric vehicles in 3 models.  Chevrolet has the popular Volt, which is a gas/battery combo.

Hybrid Maintenance and Purchasing

Battery Pack

Maintenance on these vehicles are relatively low.   Tires, brakes and keeping an eye on charging systems and electronics are the main focus.  The battery pack is the focal point on all hybrids and can be quite expensive to replace.

So finding a knowledgeable repair shop is important.  When purchasing a used hybrid off a sales lot, you should always have the battery systems checked by a repair shop who has the proper equipment to test the battery system.   There are more affordable repair shops now in the market place, because there are many more hybrid vehicles in the market place, which justifies the purchasing of the computer repair equipment to do the scanning of the systems.

Better safe than sorry when NOT buying a new hybrid with warranty.  Always try and work a warranty into the purchase price!


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