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Future Hybrid Trucks, Cars & SUVs

It is game on in the Hybrid World right now.  The future is bright and numerous big name manufactures are developing and revamping existing products into hybrids.

Tractor Trailer commercial hauling vehicles are being built and tested with 100 percent battery power.  Several new start-up companies are building service vehicles for niche market applications in the hybrid flavor.  Trucks and service vehicles will have less maintenance problems over all.  The drive train for electric and hybrid vehicles will be easier to design based upon load/hauling requirements.   So the vehicle will have the appropriate gear ration and battery combination to perform at optimum power.   Less moving parts to service and just replace gearboxes and battery packs and go.  Brakes and tires will be just about all the moving parts that will wear.   One thing is for sure, mechanics of the future will need some computer background to handle the electronics in these new vehicles.

Big G Auto has the diagnosis equipment to service and replace batteries for hybrid vehicles at a competitive price.

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