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Car Rehab Fundamentals

Simple Stuff

Everything gets old and mundane. In todays auto market, the prices of vehicles are going through the roof! Prices of new and used cars, trucks and SUVs are skyrocketing.

Most vehicle owners are getting repairs done at shops or doing it themselves to save some bucks. The shop back up is another story!

Here are some fundamental things you can do to re-kindle that love for your vehicle to kind of make it new.


Wash & Wax

Take 30-60 minutes out of your month to give it a good bath.  Mild soap and water helps keep it looking newer in the long run. If you can’t, then try and find a service or carwash.

Waxing your car’s exterior is probably the most effective way of keeping it newer looking.  There are many wipe on wipe off products on the market with ceramic bases that are good and last up to 6 months.  Doesn’t matter what climate you live in, the elements will take a toll on your paintwork over time.

As a minor item, declutter your trunk and seating area. Keeping your seats and rugs clean also helps.

Some New Parts Work

Here are a few simple items that also help with the newer look.

Wiper Blades are a key safety item, but they also make your ride look better if they are not beat up and falling apart.

Wheels always make your vehicle look newer and way cool. This one could be a little more costly but always makes you feel good after you do it.

Headlamps & Driving Lights can be another simple yet effective way of keeping your vehicle in the New Zone.  Not overly expense but effective and a good safety item to upgrade.

Body Repairs

This one could cost some money or if your talented you can save some money.  Dents, dings, chips  and pure damage make your ride look beat up.

Easy bolt on components like doors, hoods, fenders and trunk lids are a quicker and easy start and cheaper. All you need is the paint work afterward.  If you can get those items taken care of your vehicle will look clean and new, but also increase the value incase you are interested in selling or trading it at some point.

Engine - Motor - Powerplant

Whatever term you use, this is the heart and soul of the vehicle. You need to take good care of it.

Keeping it in good running order is important.   Also giving it a good steam cleaning once or twice a year is a good idea.  Helps you see problems and dirt build up keeps heat on a component and could have an effect on the part breaking down.


Nobody likes a stinky car. So air fresheners are good idea.  Doesn’t everyone love a new car smell?  There are a zillion flavors and styles of fresheners on the market, so find one that works for you.  Keeping the interior clean, decluttered and dirt free always helps in the resale or trade-in process.

it's a Wrap

Hopefully these simple yet effective ideas can help you re-fall in love with the vehicle that got you all warm an fuzzy the day you drove it off the lot.  Everyone has their own challenges and priorities, but if you do all or some of these things, trust me you will feel really good about it when your mission is completed!

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