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Hybrid electric vehicles or HEVs combine internal combustion engines with electrical motors, offering enhanced fuel performance over vehicles which operate on gasoline only. Many hybrid versions do not need to be plugged in like electrical vehicles since the batteries may be recharged from electrical braking technologies, electrical motors or gasoline engines. Hybrid models may be categorized by their drivetrains as parallel or series. The drivetrain consists of all of the components required to transfer power to the wheels. Series hybrids offer several advantages and disadvantages when compared to parallel hybrid layouts. Parallel drivetrain elements commonly include the gasoline engine, electrical motor, computer controllers and batterylife.

The motor and engine are parallel to each other in the plan and they both relate to the transmission to immediately turn the wheels. The computer controllers are needed to coordinate the motor and motor working together either individually or simultaneously depending upon the power needs. The battery is also a part, free from electrical braking, a technology that permits the storage of kinetic energy from braking. The electric motor may also help recharge the battery. The parts of the standard drive train include an electrical motor, gasoline engine, computer controllers, generator and battery. In some hybrid, just the electric motor directly turns the wheels.

Rather than running in parallel, the power to drive the car is provided in a series from an energy source, the gas engine, to another, the electrical motor. The gas engine turns the generator which powers the electric motor. Batteries can be recharged from electrical braking and from the motor and generator. Computer controllers determine how much electricity to the engine comes from the battery or the motor or generator. The need for a complicated multi speed transmission and clutch is eliminated since only the electrical motor directly drives the transmission in series hybrids, which can have one gear. Gasoline engines in series hybrids have a tendency to be smaller and much more efficient since they don’t directly power the car and aren’t subject to the extremely variable power demands of stop and-go design plan features make string hybrids with the ideal car for urban and suburb driving conditions. The smaller, much more efficient motor and greater use of electricity helps reduce harmful gas emissions in hybrids. The series hybrid requires a bigger, more complicated battery and engine to meet its power needs. The bigger battery and motor and a generator’inclusion frequently makes the series hybrid more pricey than a parallel hybrid.

Most repair shops are not prepared to work on hybrid vehicles.  The equipment can be costly and technicians need to be trained.

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