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Budgeting Annual Car Repairs

New Year’s Diagnostic

Starting the New Year off on the right foot means taking a look at your vehicles health moving forward.  Most car owners are reactionary.  Their vehicle starts failing or having occasional issues and take it to the mechanic for repairs.   Try being Pro-active and have your car totally looked over every January.

Go to your mechanic and have them do a complete diagnostic review of all your vehicle’s systems.   Also, have them drive the vehicle as well.  Usually this type of work costs about $50-$100.  In the long run it will save you on major repair issues.   This type of comprehensive review will help you budget repairs throughout the year.

Road Test Your Vehicle

A driving road review will determine handling, braking and performance issues.   Tires, brakes, shocks, steering box, transmission and engine performance.  Putting the vehicle on the lift will allow the mechanic to see underneath the vehicle for rust, wear and tear and leaks.  The mechanic can also check all the electrical components and safety lighting in the mechanic’s bay.

Good mechanics are not looking to gouge your pocketbook.  They see things from a safety and performance stand point.  Take a hard look at your vehicle at the beginning of each year so you can budget the larger repairs and understand if those potential repairs can cause higher repairs.  All this does is help prioritize the repairs and fit them into your monthly or annual budget.

Preventative Maintenance Can Work for You

Preventative maintenance does save you money in the long run.   The most important maintenance is changing your oil regularly.  Every 3k or 10k miles if you use synthetic oil.  Next up is air and fuel filters.  These filters are usually better serviced by your mechanic, because on most vehicles they can be tricky to replace.  You may need the tools to do these.   Fluids are also important to monitor and top off.  Such as antifreeze, brake fluid and transmission fluid.  These fluids have certain parameters and guide lines.  You can check the levels, but advise your mechanic to top them off.  You need to make sure you have the correct type of fluid to match up to your specific make and model vehicle.

All in all you can’t go wrong by reaching out to your mechanic in January of every year for this type of service.  Wish them a Happy New Year!

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