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Local Shop vs Dealer?

Well during these crazy times of COVID 19 you have some thinking to do. Everyone is need of work and income, but where do you go for service on your vehicle?

The choice is hard, but we try to think it through and make it logical. Newer car with warranty? Go to the Dealer. Anything pertaining to computer board, electrical or fuel injection, go to the dealer. Dealer has more experience with their own product line and if there is any difficulty, they have the manufacturer directly in their pocket. They can also check for recall issues and you have a little more leverage in disputing any issues.

Now lets look at the local mechanic, there is a lot of value in choosing a local service garage. Older vehicle, no warranty from factory, extended warranty from a 3rd party, choose the local service garage. Choose the local service garage for the following; oil changes, tire rotations, brake work, wheel alignment, window regulators, exhaust work, tires, flushing cooling systems and other miscellaneous repairs.

Still keep the dealership in your back pocket for more complex issues regarding electrical systems, computer board and transmissions. These items are more complex and most local service garages don’t have the equipment or the experience to do these types of jobs.

All in all be smart in making your decisions based upon the issue at hand for your vehicle. These decisions can save you money in the long run. Especially during these tough time during a pandemic.

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