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COVID-19 and Vehicle Repair

You are probably contemplating going anywhere today. You are most likely not driving as much as you normally were in most cases during these COVID-19 times. This poses a logical decision or question with your vehicle. To maintenance or Not to maintenance?

Well there are two ways to make this decision. One on your budget and two on your vehicle’s needs. Keep your priorities and safety in align with your ability to pay for maintenance and service during these extreme times.

If your vehicle doesn’t need anything major or safety related that is keeping it from being driven, then the smart thing always is to keep the oil changed and the fluids levels maintained.

Tire Wear

Your next Check Down to the next level of importance is tires. Take a look at our tire graphic to the left. Make sure tires are not cut, damaged, under inflated or leaking air. You can push tire tread wear a little farther with extreme caution in dry conditions. In Wet conditions there is no room for error, DO NOT drive marginal tires in these types of conditions.

So when having to juggle your budget over food, rent/mortgage, insurance and other commitments, your car can be one of the most important tools for getting to work and making some income. Strategize wisely on your vehicles needs and your safety at the same time. Be smart.

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