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Electric Times Are A Changing

After reviewing what the automotive industry is up to in 2020, we are in for some big changes. Manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon anyway they can. They may not be putting their best product forward, but they are at the least getting off the bench and into the game!

Some of the more popular brands are updating what they put out prior to this model year and some are putting their first product out there with minimum specs for battery life and comfort.

Keep an eye on VW, Mini Cooper, Nissan, Fiat and GM for the more affordable electric’s for the masses, with Hyundai and Kia playing around with models they are converting.

It’s Electric!

The next tier with BMW, Jaguar, Audi, Volvo-Polestar, Ford, Honda and Tesla with the mid-level price point.

The top of the line/exotics like Mercedes, Porsche, Tesla High Line, Karma and Aston Martin are also playing in the elite electric field. By 2030 every manufacturer should be all in by then.

The one manufacturer that is still behind and I believe it is on purpose is Lexus. The leader the industry with the most luxury hybrid vehicles on the market. They have the technology, I think they are strategically waiting to enter the USA market.

One segment I am not diving into at this time is the SUV/Truck market. This is starting to heat up now and will get very competitive fast! Trucks are a different demand and requirements base product. I think electric motors for working load carrying vehicles will be more efficient as manufacturers measure the performance results and feedback from the consumers who rely on these vehicles daily.

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