Selecting Hybrid Repair Shop

You can enjoy worry free driving, but your Hybrid Vehicle Requires Special Service and it uses specialized components that not all automotive service centers are equipped to handle.  Regular hybrid maintenance and repair services maximize the life and performance of your vehicle.

Make sure you find a hybrid qualified shop with the proper testing equipment. Hybrid Electric Vehicles Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) combine an internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors. Hybrids possess improved fuel economy and emissions, including using specially designed tires and wheels, lighter body styles, regenerative braking, and engine start and stop features.

Hybrid Gas Vehicles Hybrid gasoline engines (ICEs) feature electronic throttle controls, variable valve timing, and lean burn combustion designs. Instead of belts and pulleys under the hood, the under the hood space in hybrid vehicles is dominated by drive and electrical components.

Certified automotive service centers have the proper equipment and parts to repair and maintain your HEV or ICE.

Some of the important hybrid repairs and services needed are the following which include: Hybrid Oil Change & Maintenance Brake Service Wheel Alignment Service Steering and Suspension Service Front Wheel Trans-axle and CV Joint Repair Heating and Cooling System Maintenance Hybrid Battery Replacement & Repair 12V Charging and Electrical System, Repair Emissions & Drivability Services.

Hybrid Drivers who purchase a gas-electric vehicle usually have made a conscious decision to do so. The same level of consideration should go into choosing your hybrid service shop. Not every car service center knows their way around a hybrid vehicle. In Henderson NV and the surrounding area, one of the leading hybrid repair shops for customer service is Big G Auto Repair, Contact us with your Hybrid Repair questions.

Most repair shops are not prepared to work on hybrid vehicles.  The equipment can be costly and technicians need to be trained.

Big G Auto Repair has the latest test equipment and trained technicians to service your hybrid needs.

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