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Front-End Alignment Old Vehicles

In simple terms, a wheel alignment consists of adjusting the vehicle’s wheels so that they are perpendicular to the street and have a parallel relationship to each other. The end result of these wheel adjustments is to maximum tire life and to make sure the vehicle holds and tracks straight and when driving on a straight and level road.

Older Vehicle Concerns

Before getting an alignment make sure you have 4 good tires with proper air pressure. Aligning a vehicle, even with one bad or over worn tire, will be a waste of your money.

When dealing with older vehicles, there is a potential for addition issues for resolution.  So be aware you could have some of the following issues presented by the technician doing the alignment.

  • Worn Ball Joints
  • Worn Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushings
  • Worn or Bent Tie-Rods or Tie Rod Ends
  • Worn or Leaking Shocks or Struts.
  • Rust, Rust and more Rust on Key Mounting Bracket Areas to the UniBody or Strut Tower Caps
  • Steering System Leaks or Wear


Other Factors You Should Know About Wheel Alignments in General

The wheel alignment process should always begin and end with a technician test drive.

The vehicle’s front end and steering linkage should be inspected for wear before going through the process of an alignment.

The tires should all be in good shape, each of the correct size, with even wear.

Drivers claiming vehicle pulling problems are not always due to a wheel alignment. Problems with the tires wear or air pressure, brakes and rotors, power steering or rack and pinion issues and road grooves and un-even road surfaces can also be responsible, especially if one or more of the issues listed is a contributor.  Most technicians can dial your alignment in and get your vehicle handling like new.  Bottom line is if you have any information on the handling or repairs made on the vehicle, relay that to your service technician, it could save you time and money on the repair.


Big G Auto Repair has a Bear Front End Alignment System to do the necessary maintenance and service to keep your vehicle running like brand new.

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