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Believe it, your vehicle knows this to be true. We have written before in greater detail about  how important all these systems are for peace of mind driving and safety. So this article is just a reminder to Pay Attention to warning signs of battery, tires, brakes, coolant, air conditioning and fluids.  Temperatures, humidity and wind all affect your vehicle’s systems 24 x 7 x 365.


Check brake, steering and transmission fluids regularly. These are all vital systems in the operation of your vehicle. They are also, some of the most expensive systems to repair.  So be pro-active and take good care of these 3 important components.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning and Heating are two systems we kind of take for granted, until they go out.  When you anticipate the season is changing over into the need for these components. Fire them up and see that they work.  There aren’t many moving parts for these systems, but they can be expensive to replace.  Most of the time it can be repaired with a simple procedure or temporarily repaired until you can make your decision.


Coolant  is for your engines performance  in all  types of extreme temperatures.  It is like the blood of your vehicle along with Oil.  Don’t let the level drop down to low. This is an easy do yourself check point. All newer vehicles have a plastic reservoir with a fill line. There are “hot fill” and “cold fill” lines. A cold engine, is an engine that has not been running at all or for a very short period and is basically cool to the touch. A hot engine is still hot and giving off a large amount heat. So, if the engine is hot, refer to the “Hot Fill” line and when the engine is cold, refer to the “Cold Fill Line”.

IMPORTANT to always wait until the engine is cool, before removing the radiator cap or Fill Cap to the reservoir when adding coolant. Because your could get splashed with hot coolant.

Tires and Brakes

Tire wear and tire pressure are very important always. Check for side wall damage, tread wear and low pressure problems. These all lead to the vehicle’s safety under all kinds of road conditions and temperatures. Tires and brakes are the most important systems to pay attention to on your vehicle.

The majority of braking systems are disc brakes on front and rear, which have pads that wear. Manufacturers build wear notification into the pads. You will hear a squeal or chirping sound when they are getting low.  Drum brakes are located on the rear axle and are paired with disc brakes in the front. Drums will have a growling sound when they get low.  Always get your brakes serviced as soon as possible when hearing the notifications. IF you wait to long it will be very costly for repairs and put you in a potentially dangerous situation.


Heat tends to affect your battery life faster than cold temperatures. Top reason for battery failure are usually due to excessive heat over time,  loose or worn belt or defective alternator.

Some batteries are service-free, which means you can’t had fluid back into the battery to replace what was evaporated, so don’t try to pop off the caps. If you have a serviceable battery, you may want to have a service center tech handle it for you for a nominal charge, they usually do it for free for you.

Also make sure to check for corrosion on the battery posts/wires to the battery. IF you see a white cake looking powder, take some baking soda and water mixture and apply to the corrosive material and clean it off, making sure you have rubber glove protection.

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