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Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

Plug-in vehicles are positioned as practical, fuel efficient, low emissions, mainstream priced, and subsidy qualified. December 2010 the electric car Chevrolet Volt premiered,  showing plug-in gas electrical vehicles are a legitimate option, and individuals are making choices based on their personal requirements. Plug-in vehicles can now be recharged at home for perhaps one quarter the costs of gas – saving money and time spent in the gasoline station, and they emit no hydrocarbons while operating in the electric mode.

The Volt is fun at drive, fast at 30 mph, decent to 60, goes to 100 at electrical drive and corners well. As an alternative,  Prius PHEV  seats five, and runs on regular gas, not premium like Volt requires. There’s something of a cat and dog type of position between certain enthusiasts of the Volt and Prius PHEV. The Volt functions as a pure Electric Vehicle until the battery runs out – unless at some higher operational speeds, as needed, then the gas engine takes over. The Toyota does not.

Big G Auto Repair has the testing equipment to check a your Hybrid Battery systems and do the necessary maintenance to keep your hybrid on the road.

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