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Alignments Are Important

Whether you own a new car, truck, van, SUV or 15 year old vehicle, alignments of the front and in some cases rear are serious. It is important to keep your vehicle in check with factory and design specifications. Manufacturers create these vehicles to drive a certain and safe way.

The suspension concepts are similar through the years of advancement, but are very different in most vehicles. Newer technology has added more and more computer aided control of how your vehicle responds to handling situations.

So when you are thinking about alignment and handling. Shocks, suspension components, tires and brakes come into play for the total handling experience. Your service center will and should check these items as well when preparing to put your vehicle on the alignment machine.

New Alignment Technology

Speaking of alignment machines and technology. New technology for alignments has the vehicle on the ground today instead of up on a machine/lift and the technician now puts a digital transmitting unit on the center hub of your vehicle. This transmits your data to twin receiving towers on each side of the front of the vehicle, which are connected to a laptop with software and databases for each vehicle to compare your current specification to a manufacturer specification.

All in all, take your vehicle to a service center at least once a year or if you have a problem with pulling to the left or right, uneven tire wear, clunking noise or anything that seems abnormal. Don’t wait for it to become an emergency repair. Your safety depends upon your vehicle being maintained.

Big G Auto Repair has a Bear Front End Alignment System to do the necessary maintenance and service to keep your vehicle running like brand new.

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