Servicing of Hybrid Cars

Since vehicle manufacturers are striving to reduce fuel consumption and emissions from vehicles, the concept of combining an internal combustion engine with an electrical motor and power source has become more popular. Consumer interest in these Hybrid Vehicles. Has been favorable, which is the reason you may expect to see more of those kinds of vehicles on the road and in the shop. Consumer interest in these hybrid vehicles continues to be favorable,  When servicing engine systems with high voltage Electric Systems  you should have an experienced technician with the proper testing equipment.

When servicing hybrid vehicles, be prepared, not scared. You must familiarize yourself with this type of vehicle by researching some of the servicing and safety Problems. Some dealerships might be helpful in supplying vehicle information along with scheduled maintenance. The Prius uses. DC power which is channeled via an Inverter, that modulates the current between the high voltage battery and the motor generators. This current supplies the battery power, but also charges batteries when you release the accelerator .

Like conventional vehicles, most Hybrid Vehicles have a 12V battery located under the hood. Additionally to powering lights, audio along with temperature control systems, this battery also powers the control systems for the high voltage battery module.  Most Hybrids use the main battery gas engine combination exclusively for the acceleration of the vehicle.

Big G Auto Repair has the testing equipment to check a your Hybrid Battery status and do the maintenance.

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