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Front End Alignment Importance

Why is wheel alignment important? This can affect the amount of wear and tear that tires can endure. The normal alignment on most vehicles is designed to limit wear and tear and maximize driver and passenger comfort. Correct four wheel alignment will reduce wear on your tires, help increase their life and performance, and improve fuel economy.  Correct alignment also improves handling and driving safety by reducing steering and stability problems.

Wheel alignment versus wheel balancing? People often get confused between wheel alignment and wheel balancing. They are completely different. Wheel alignment, or tracking as it’s sometimes called, consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are as specified by your vehicle manufacturer.

On the other hand, wheel balancing allows the wheels to spin without causing unnecessary vibration. Why does wheel misalignment happen? Misalignment can occur when hitting a curb or driving through a pothole, as well as in more severe circumstances like accidents, which can knock your vehicle’s suspension out of alignment. Misalignment can also happen as suspension components wear or when they are replaced.

When wheel alignment is incorrect, rapid tire wear can occur especially on the edge of the tires, and vehicle handling can also be adversely affected. It will certainly mean that you will have to replace your tires earlier than expected. It takes only a small misalignment to create problems The purpose of correct wheel alignment is to provide optimum vehicle handling and to maximize the life of the tires.

The main reasons for having correct wheel alignment are: It can save you money, as tire replacements are required less frequently. Your tires will last longer. Your vehicle handling will be optimal. Your vehicle will drive smoother with less tire rolling resistance.

How long does it take to realign my wheels and what does it cost? Most front and rear alignment problems can be solved in about 30 minutes. Wheel alignment is all about checking the direction and angle at which the wheels are set against your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Wheel alignment itself is not complex. In fact, adjusting wheel alignment is actually a very straightforward operation.

The cost varies per service center and the type of vehicle you are aligning.  Today’s costs usually range between $65 to $85, with addition costs if other components need to be replaced because of excessive wear.

How are wheels aligned?  Basically, correcting wheel alignment involves adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they have the specified manufacture recommend angles from 3 points of view.  Remember having this alignment keeps all the other associated components in check as well as limiting the wear on those components. Bad alignment and wheel balance is like a domino effect, it can effect suspension straight through to the steering components.

Big G Auto Repair has a Bear Front End Alignment System to do the necessary maintenance and service to keep your vehicle running like brand new.

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